West Flanders is one of ten provinces of Belgium. It is the westernmost province of the Flemish region in Belgium and is the only Belgian province situated on the coast. The Belgian coast is the busiest and most popular tourist region in Flanders. Of course this is because of its "sun, sea and sand” appeal, but the region has far more to offer than that. People are attracted to the Belgian coast by many other aspects. The region's greatest asset is its enormous diversity. It literally has “something for everyone”. The Belgian coast has a long history of tourism and over the years each seaside resort has developed its own identity.

Ostend is Belgium's city by the sea. The queen of the Belgian coast combines the warm atmosphere of a Belgian seaside resort with the charm of a historic city. Ostend has endless sports and recreational facilities. You will find all you need for every conceivable sport on its beaches, in its parks and at its sports centres. The city also has pleasant pedestrianised shopping streets and a thriving night life. Ostend is buzzing with activity throughout the year with all kinds of concerts, major events and festivals on the calendar. It shows the hospitality of a cosmopolitan seaside resort.

Here is some climate information for January, the month in which the championships are taking place:

  • Average daytime temperature = 6°C
  • Average temperature at night = 2°C
  • Average rainfall = 64.6 mm
  • Average wind speed = 45 km/h SW
  • Number of daylight hours = 9 hours
  • Average hours of sunshine = 63 hours
Kursaal Leopoldpark Station oostende

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