Cyclo-cross and road race committee

The Hooglede-Gits Cyclo-Cross Committee was established in 2001. It was immediately recognised as being unique in the world of cyclo-cross. Chairman Rik Debeaussaert's committee had great ambitions right from the start. When the committee was set up, one of its objectives was to organise a cyclo-cross championship or world cup trial. Just one year later, in 2002, the committee submitted its application to the Royal Belgian Cycling Federation, which was looking for candidates for the Cyclo-Cross World Championships of 2007. At the end of December that year, the Royal Belgian Cycling Federation selected Hooglede-Gits’ proposal from numerous applications from all over the country to organise the Cyclo-Cross World Championships of 2007.

At the end of September 2001, the committee organised a cyclo-cross competition in the village centre of Hooglede.

After two cyclo-cross races for elite riders without a contract, Rik and his team were ready to tackle a national cyclo-cross race for professionals in 2003. On 31 December 2005 the Hooglede-Gits Cyclo-Cross Committee organised the perfect dress rehearsal for the Cyclo-Cross World Championships. All the top riders attended the eighth World Cup heat on New Year's Eve. The municipality of Hooglede-Gits was the epicentre of the international cyclo-cross world during the last weekend of January 2007.

After organising the World Championships, the chairman Rik Debeaussaert's committee was on a roll. The Cyclo-Cross Committee was renamed the Hooglede-Gits Cyclo-Cross and Road Race Committee and secured ambitious future cyclo-cross and road race projects. In 2008 the committee organised the Belgian Road Championships for Newcomers and in 2009 it held the Road Championships for Juniors and Women Elite and the European Time Trial and Road Championships for Women U23, Men U23, Men Juniors and Women Juniors. In 2010 the Under 23s and Elite Riders Without Contract competed for the national title and one year later, in 2011, the Hooglede-Gits Cyclo-Cross and Road Race Committee organised the national road championships for pros. In January 2012, the committee directed its attention to cyclo-cross again with the Belgian Cyclo-Cross Championships for Elite Riders, Newcomers, Elite Riders Without Contract and Masters B.

On 1 May 2014 the Hooglede-Gits Cyclo-Cross and Road Race Committee organised the Belgian Road Time Trial Championships in Hooglede for Under 15s, Women Youth, Men Newcomers, Men Juniors, Women Elite, Men Elite Without Contract, Under 23s and Men Elite. A few weeks later, on 27 July 2014, Hooglede was once again the setting of the Belgian Road Championships for the Men and Women Newcomers. However, the race for the Men's Second-Year Newcomers was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions and was postponed to Wednesday 10 September in Gits.

On 26 July 2015 the Men and Women Newcomers competed in the Belgian championships in Hooglede and one year later, on 29 May 2016, the Men and Women Juniors competed for the national titles in Hooglede.

The Hooglede-Gits Cyclo-Cross and Road Race Committee organised another two events in different locations: the European Championships in 2009 and the Belgian Cyclo-Cross Championships in Ostend on 7 and 8 January 2017.

In 2018 it left its comfort zone again and organised the Belgian Mountain Bike Championships in West Flanders. This was held in and around the Rodeberg area of Westouter.

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